Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Stacked Teacup Stand

tea stand
I've been promising this Stacked Teacup Stand DIY post for months now - ever since my Christmas party -  and finally here it is! It's perfect for showcasing everything from tea bag cookies to your vintage costume jewelry collection.

DIY Stacked Teacup Stand
> Look through your local thrift stores for mismatched plates of various sizes, teacups and saucers. Whatever strikes your fancy - just be sure they aren't chipped or cracked. Thoroughly remove price tags, wash and dry your goods.
> Play around with arranging your cups and plates - I did both my bottom teacups facing down and the top facing up, making 3 tiers, with appropriate sized plates sandwiched between. This is a good example of an arrangement.
> Once you've figured our your arrangement, carefully glue together, using glue's instructions. I recommend using an Epoxy adhesive, but here is a list of other glass glues. A little glue goes a long way and make sure to not get glue residue around the edges as you glue together.  Various glues require different drying times, so be sure to read the instructions
 > If you need to wash your stand, I recommend cleaning with a damp towel,  just something gentle.

Feel free to ask any questions! I know there are a ton of these tutorials on the Internet.

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