Saturday, May 4, 2013

Atlanta Lately...

st. lucia st. lucia
art in chs nemo

Seeing one my favorite new bands St. Lucia and HEARTS live, together ... Spending lots of time in Charleston visiting my best friends, laughing ... Enjoying the blossoming trees of Atlanta and it's crisp, Spring weather ... Icing Finding Nemo-themed cupcakes at work (who else is stoked for Finding Dory?!?) ... Blasting this song in my car, but not caring much for the movie ...

Like Fall, Spring seems to always be barely seen or felt, but I have made an effort this year to be outside more during this heavenly season (and observant). It's odd to think how quickly my time at home will be coming to an end, in about 3 months I'll be off to Chicago. 
spring square walk
spring spring

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  1. these pictures are GORGEOUS! we had our first 80 degree day on saturday and i'm LOVING it. also spent my friday in the windy city, you are going to love living there!


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