Thursday, May 9, 2013


caseable caseable caseable 
This case was provided by caseable. All opinions are mine.

I am overprotective of my precious electronics - I think my computer, camera and phone collectively are worth more than my car (please note: my car is also about as old as I am). Sleeves and defense cases are what prolong the life of my devices, but have typically, for me, done so without style or personalization. 
Enter Caseable, a marvelous website that lets you create custom cases for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops using your own photographs and/or art. It's so customizable, you get pick every last detail - even the zipper color! Also, their hand-crafted cases are made from recycled materials. Have I made my case for Caseable yet? (sorry, had to put the pun somewhere) 
For my MacBook Pro case, I chose two high-res photos that I took while in Morocco (there are also works from artist collections you can choose from). I really wanted something vibrant, rich, and a little bit funky. To be on trend, I had to go with a neon yellow zipper. The process of playing around with your design is a bit addicting and the possibilities are endless.
Needless to say, I am in love with my MacBook's new home - it's cosy, protective and totally "me." I was also super impressed with the quality in which the photos were enlarged and printed to - snaps for that. I foresee myself ordering a snazzy new iPhone case in the near future...

Visit Caseable:
caseable caseable caseable


  1. These are awesome! your photography looks gorgeous as your case!!

  2. We echo Lauren @ la petite fashionista's comment, your photography is stunning and it looks equally stunning on your new caseable case. Enjoy!!


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