Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Pins {Pinterest}

above: Blueberry Mojitos {source / pin it} // {source / pin it}
below: {source / pin it} // {source / pin it}
These are some lovely pins I am finding especially inspiring this summer...
Check out my Summer Pinterest Board here.
above: Roasted Summertime Chickpea Salad {source / pin it}
below: Peach and Rosemary Summer Fizz {source / pin it} // {source / pin it}
above: Strawberry Pineapple Crumble {source / pin it}
below: Coconut Creamsicle Margaritas {source / pin it}

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Lately...

chicago wildflowersart deco wrigleyville
This past few days in Chicago were spent looking for a place to live for me and my roommate come August. It was a warm and at times, stressful weekend, but all in all very productive and worthwhile. 
I ended up finding a garden apartment in the hip, yuppie Lakeview area (for those of you not familiar with garden apartments, it's a fancy way to say <7ft. ceiling basement). I am very pleased with my decision (a fiscally responsible one I might add) and think my roommate will love it too. There's a lot of fixing up to do and some decorating so that it's homey, but it's what my parents and I do best. 
My dad and I explored the northern neighborhoods of the city and got a lay of the land, stopping for beers and hard ciders along the way. 
I really think I'm going to love living there.

5 more weeks, Chicago, and I'm yours! 
millenium park new apt.
We'll be living in the basement of this abode.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Frozen Coffee Ice Cubes

coffee cubes
Happy First Day of Summer, y'all! I didn't even realize it was until I saw today's adorable Google icon (and then once I walked outside). 

I am an avid iced coffee drinker, I even drink it when its cold outside, like it has to be under 32 degrees for me to want to drink hot coffee (this might change once I move to Chicago). My dad is the same way and makes his own New Orleans-style cold brew coffee. The thing I love about cold brew is that it's super concentrated and sweet; because it's not heated, the oils are never stripped from the grinds, therefore showcasing it's true flavor. There are so many cold brew contraptions on the market and DIY methods as well, if you like strong coffee, give them a try!
And to up the ante of my iced coffees, I like to make freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays - that way my iced coffee never gets diluted, it only gets stronger. You can use cold brew or regular brewed coffee and I recommend adding a little bit of water before poring into your ice trays. 

You can thank me after you tasted this perfection in a glass. 
iced coffee

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mixtape Monday: It All Feels Right

Finally got my roll of Diana film developed from last summer. There are some gems on there that I'll post later. These photos were taken at Folly Beach. 

The hot and humid southern summer weather has set in. Here are some tunes that are fit for the season:

1. It All Feels Right - Washed Out (WO is back with a new, orchestrally lush sound. This is their first single off their sophomore effort, Paracosm, releasing in August.)
2. You & I - Crystal Fighters (for fans of: GIVERS and Architecture in Helsinki)
3. I Could've Been Your Girl - She & Him (60's surfer vibe)
4. We Went Wild - Lord Huron
5. With Her Shadow - Born Ruffians
6. Pompeii - Bastille
7. Everlasting Arms - Vampire Weekend (I feel as though V-Dubs should be on every summer playlist.)
8. The Theory of Relativity - Stars
9. Bourgeois - Phoenix (one of my faves of their latest album)
10. Until We Get There - Lucius
11. Hit the Waves - The Mary Onettes (I am loving this band so much right now - summer and very very 80's.)
12. Gun - CHVRCHES
13. All The Days - HAERTS 
14. I Found You - Alabama Shakes (Your dad will like this band.)
15. Spinoza - Generationals

relax & listen

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light

I am spellbound by this gorgeous art installation by Soo Sunny Park, currently on display at the Rice Gallery in Houston. 
Iridescence has always intrigued me - from the wings of exotic butterflies to opalescent soapy bubbles to a gasoline spill on the pavement. The way it changes colors with movement and light is just a beautiful phenomenon. 
This video below is a must-see, to hear the artist's inspirations behind her piece and how it was constructed is all very interesting. 
I'd love to host a dinner party under this work of art - but I could just "settle" for falling asleep under it. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick Lunches {Vegan Glow Spread}

glow wrap
I've been making this Vegan Glow Spread for about a year now and can't believe I haven't shared it with y'all yet. I like to serve this with either flax chips and black beans or spread it on a wrap with turkey, lettuce, and other fixin's. I'll make this yummy concoction at the beginning of the week and bring to lunch throughout the week. You gotta give it a go!

Vegan Glow Spread
2 sweet potatoes, baked and cooled
1 cup roasted red pepper hummus
2 large carrots, shredded
Sriracha hot sauce, to taste

Peel skin off potatoes and mash in large bowl. Stir in hummus and carrots until well combined. Add Sriracha to taste. 

And you're done! 
As Ina Garten would say "How easy is that?" (She would also say something like "Make sure you have really good quality hummus, it's really important to have good quality hummus")
glow wrap
Other Quick Lunches:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mixtape Monday: Rhye

My Lord, has it been a week! Between our WiFi being out since Wednesday, a family emergency and 
all the physical side effects of being under stress, I am so ready to relax and just sit down with my computer. Anywho...

Rhye is a two-man band that I have been obsessing over the past few months. The lead singer's falsetto voice is so reminiscent of Sade, it's uncanny. Their music is sultry, smooth and relaxing, exactly what I want to be listening to right now. This week's playlist is a Rhye-themed one, with other artists who perfectly compliment their sound.

1. 3 Days - Rhye
2. Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) - Disclosure
3. Evil Coast - The Mary Onettes (for fans of: Sting and The Smiths)
4. No Other Plans - Sonny Levine feat. Young Dad
5. Crystalfilm - Little Dragon
6. Devotion - Jessie Ware
7. Pusher Love Girl - Justin Timberlake
8. Verse - Rhye
9. Taro - alt-J (love the Middle Eastern influence in this song)
10. Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar
11. Hearts A Mess - Gotye
12. Try to Be - Blue Hawaii
13. Ms - alt-J

Get Rhye's debut album Woman here or here

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keyboard Picture Frame {Father's Day}

I made this frame for my dad for Christmas, but I think it would have served as an equally appropriate Father's Day gift (Father's Day is June 16 FYI)
My dad has been into computers since they were first mass produced for the public in the 80's, so I knew a kitschy keyboard frame with a picture of us (circa 1997) on our laptops would be the perfect gift. 
It's pretty easy to make too: just pop off the keys of an old/unwanted computer keyboard and hot glue or E6000 to a wide, flat frame of your choice. 

No matter your age, parents always say they want gifts that you hand-made, right?
This will be the perfect addition to your father's office, or in my case, the basement (aka dad's man cave.)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Countries I Want to See, Pt. 6

serengeti zebras
Mount Kilimanjaro
African Sunset
I recently added "African Safari"to the top of my travel list after seeing Miss Moss' photos of a trip she took to a reserve in South Africa (which is also a country I want to see). I would just love to spend days driving around the parks and reserves to see these majestic creatures interact and at home in their habitat (and hopefully see The Big Five). There would be some gorgeous photography to be had. Tanzania has got the Serengeti National Park, which is essentially The Lion King come to life, and Mount Kilimanjaro, which if I got gusty and lost my fear of heights, I would like to climb to the top of. 

Azulejos - Porto
This is another country that I lusted for after seeing/reading about it on a blog (Anna's Earthly Luster - whose photos of Lisbon are something you want to live in). I honestly do not know much about Portugal, but it looks like a melting pot of all the romantic-speaking countries of Europe. The coastal towns look so warm and serene, it seems like it could be a very relaxing and leisurely vacation. And I cannot get enough of the blue and white tiled buildings. Check out this Flickr photostream for more Portuguese gorgeousness...

Faroe - Litla Dimun
Faroe Islands
Okay, well technically they are under the sovereignty of Denmark (which has already been featured), but the Faroe Islands are a far distance from their
This tiny set of islands is much like Iceland - lush green pastures, unique and jagged rock formations, waterfalls, but not as many glaciers. It seems as though you could see it all in less than a week, but would want to bask in it's beauty for much longer.

SEE: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

What countries do you want to see?
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