Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Lately...

chicago wildflowersart deco wrigleyville
This past few days in Chicago were spent looking for a place to live for me and my roommate come August. It was a warm and at times, stressful weekend, but all in all very productive and worthwhile. 
I ended up finding a garden apartment in the hip, yuppie Lakeview area (for those of you not familiar with garden apartments, it's a fancy way to say <7ft. ceiling basement). I am very pleased with my decision (a fiscally responsible one I might add) and think my roommate will love it too. There's a lot of fixing up to do and some decorating so that it's homey, but it's what my parents and I do best. 
My dad and I explored the northern neighborhoods of the city and got a lay of the land, stopping for beers and hard ciders along the way. 
I really think I'm going to love living there.

5 more weeks, Chicago, and I'm yours! 
millenium park new apt.
We'll be living in the basement of this abode.

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