Sunday, June 2, 2013

Countries I Want to See, Pt. 6

serengeti zebras
Mount Kilimanjaro
African Sunset
I recently added "African Safari"to the top of my travel list after seeing Miss Moss' photos of a trip she took to a reserve in South Africa (which is also a country I want to see). I would just love to spend days driving around the parks and reserves to see these majestic creatures interact and at home in their habitat (and hopefully see The Big Five). There would be some gorgeous photography to be had. Tanzania has got the Serengeti National Park, which is essentially The Lion King come to life, and Mount Kilimanjaro, which if I got gusty and lost my fear of heights, I would like to climb to the top of. 

Azulejos - Porto
This is another country that I lusted for after seeing/reading about it on a blog (Anna's Earthly Luster - whose photos of Lisbon are something you want to live in). I honestly do not know much about Portugal, but it looks like a melting pot of all the romantic-speaking countries of Europe. The coastal towns look so warm and serene, it seems like it could be a very relaxing and leisurely vacation. And I cannot get enough of the blue and white tiled buildings. Check out this Flickr photostream for more Portuguese gorgeousness...

Faroe - Litla Dimun
Faroe Islands
Okay, well technically they are under the sovereignty of Denmark (which has already been featured), but the Faroe Islands are a far distance from their
This tiny set of islands is much like Iceland - lush green pastures, unique and jagged rock formations, waterfalls, but not as many glaciers. It seems as though you could see it all in less than a week, but would want to bask in it's beauty for much longer.

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What countries do you want to see?


  1. I love this series! Right now I have to say Cambodia is at the top of my list. I would love to just take a couple of months and just travel around the area. Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
    Oh, Tibet! I would love love love to go to Tibet, it's in my bucket list ♥

  2. Although I have embarked on a new adventure, not a day goes by without me dreaming of my sweet, sunny Portugal. Thank you so much for the link back, dear Lauren! This post truly makes me want to embark on a new adventure (again) :)

  3. These photos are BEAUTIFUL. I am dying to go all of these places, but Portugal is on my list for sure!

  4. Oh God that island looks like magic. How cool is it with the clouds melting into it? My next country to visit is definitely Iceland- it looks like an ethereal world with its nature. Oh how I wish I had a trust fund so I can goooo haha!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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