Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keyboard Picture Frame {Father's Day}

I made this frame for my dad for Christmas, but I think it would have served as an equally appropriate Father's Day gift (Father's Day is June 16 FYI)
My dad has been into computers since they were first mass produced for the public in the 80's, so I knew a kitschy keyboard frame with a picture of us (circa 1997) on our laptops would be the perfect gift. 
It's pretty easy to make too: just pop off the keys of an old/unwanted computer keyboard and hot glue or E6000 to a wide, flat frame of your choice. 

No matter your age, parents always say they want gifts that you hand-made, right?
This will be the perfect addition to your father's office, or in my case, the basement (aka dad's man cave.)


  1. That's so creative! My father would like something like that as well, he's always been really into computers.

  2. So cute! The best gift I've ever given my dad is a book handwritten by me with my favorite poems .. in an attempt to convert him to love poetry! :)


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