Monday, August 26, 2013

Mixtape Monday: Bon Voyage, Summer


The end of August will always mark the end of summer to me, even without being in school anymore. I've got an amazing batch of summery music perfect for the nostalgic last few weeks of the season...

1. Elevate - St. Lucia (The newest single from my favorite band without a proper full-lengh album, but fear not, their glittery debut drops in October.)
2. Bon Voyage - Marlene ∞ (This luxurious, summery single inspired this playlist - must watch the video for it above. You'll be hooked.)
3. All I Know - Washed Out (Off their very amazing latest effort, Paracosm, which I wished came out earlier in the summer, only because of it's perfectly lush, chillwave sound.)
4. So Far Away - Charli XCX
5. The Wire - HAIM (cannot wait for their debut album - coming in October as well)
6. End of the Line - Sleigh Bells (love this video)
7. Cool - Gwen Stefani (another great video - summer love at it's best)
8. Think of You - MSMR (This was definitely one of my anthems this summer - "I still think of you, and all the sh*t you put me through, and I know now you were wrong...")
9. Ride - Lana Del Rey (gorgeous video, gorgeous song)
10. Magic Kids - Indians (for fans of: M83 and Lord Huron)
11. No Stranger - Small Black
12. All Over Now - Washed Out
13. It'll Get You There - Rilo Kiley
14. A Great Design - Black Marble (80's on a cassette tape)

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  1. I think we have identical itunes haha, I saw Washed Out in concert last year and it was sooo fun. Also, your mom is AWESOME for buying you those soup cans. The woman knows how to pick presents, haha!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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