Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Snapshots {ATL ~ Asheville}

Finally getting around to posting all my summer pictures - May thru July. May seems like a century ago! A lot happened in my last Southern summer in Georgia...

(I should have organized these in chronological order, but I like organizing them in a more completely out of order, color-grouped, aesthetic way.)
asheville asheville atl childhood
above: colorful street art in Asheville, NC
below: cool reflective building in the heart of Buckhead, ATL / an old letter I wrote to my mom in the car, circa 1997 - enlarge to read, and laugh
^Got to meet up with one of my best friends from college in Asheville. She is working as a raft guide there. We spend a lovely few days together, eating our way through the city.
mother's day anthro anthro french wedding
above: a picture from my birthday, which fell on Mother's Day this year / Anthropologie display
below: Anthro's window display / a french wedding cake!
french wedding french wedding french wedding french weddng
above and below: All these shots are from a French wedding that I helped set up for work. My boss and her husband did an outstanding job, it looked like what I think heaven will be like - cured meats and cheeses.
friends paella asheville catherine!
above: one of my last nights in town, going out with friends / paella dinner at a dear family friends casa
below: all-you-can-eat mussels and fries / old high school friend!
^ice cream is like my family


  1. The french wedding looks amazing - what a fun idea, looks too good to eat!

  2. French wedding??? Where? When? :D


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