Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Vegetarian} Greek Lentil Casserole

greek lentil casserole
I have been expanding my repertoire on Mediterranean dishes so that I can impress my future Greek mother-in-law one day (just need to find the Greek boyfriend first...). Even though it will probably be years before I actually visit Greece myself, I can always wander around Greek Town in Chicago. While it is only comprised of about 3 small intersecting streets, Greek Town is full of restaurants fit for Santorini, baklava bakeries, Greek-good stores, a mysterious religious candles & spells shop, and a Hellenic Museum. I'm sure if I hang out there more often, a nice Greek lady will want me to meet her son (I'll just lie and say my last name is Lonerganopolis to fit in...). 

Anyways, here is the recipe for a 
I more or less did everything her recipe instructed (except: I used green lentils because I already had them and didn't use a bay leaf or oregano) and it came out just wonderful and flavorful. Lentils are especially good for keeping you full for a long time - a perfect lunch to bring to work! 
greek lentil casserole

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