Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Albums I Will Always Love: Seabear, The Ghost That Carried Us Away

The Ghost That Carried Us Away

My love for all things Icelandic first started way back in high school with my love of Icelandic music, namely Seabear. They were a little more accessible than Sigur Ros because they chose to sing in English (as opposed to their native language - or a made up one), but still had the harmonious, magical sound that only fits the country it was made in. The Ghost That Carried Us Away a refreshing and lush album that I always thought could score the Where The Wild Things Are movie pretty well. 
It's poetic and childlike and folksy with an aquatic-feel. The hushed, lulling lyrics and the flow of songs are as graceful as a melting Icelandic glacier. Fitting. 
Also, I will forever associate this album with the Fall-time, so listen accordingly and prepare for the best season with this music.

Fall down the stairs
It's been a long time since
I got my hands on your teenage poems
It's the only poison that I like
- Libraries

I think I must have known you
In another life
I think our rocking chairs
Used to rock together all night
 - Hands Remember

Check out: "Hospital Bed" is a romantic, enchanting waltz, "Arms" is a folksy tune that should be Autumn's theme song, and "Good Morning Scarecrow" is a quick piano intro with spooky creature/monster sounds. 

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  1. I have never heard this band before, but I love Iceland and miss it every day!


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