Friday, September 20, 2013

Coconut Almond Macaroons Dipped in Dark Chocolate

coconut almond macaroons dipped in dark chocolate coconut almond macaroons dipped in dark chocolate
It was my dad's birthday a few weeks ago and since I wasn't there to celebrate with him, I decided to send him one of his favorite desserts - Coconut Macaroons. I scourged the internet for the perfect recipe and decided on this one and am oh so happy that I did. I personally have never been a huge coconut macaroon fan (I prefer the French variety of macaroons) but knew that with toasted almonds and dark chocolate added to the mix, I would love them. They were unreal - not too sweet, crunchy, chewy and rich. I'll defintely be making these again. My mom has been begging for the recipie and here it is 
Follow her recipe verbatim and you will be rewarded with morsels of heaven. 
coconut almond macaroons dipped in dark chocolate
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  1. This looks amazing! I love coconut macaroons, my mom used to make them for me all the time. I bet your Dad was so happy to receive such a thoughtful gift ;) In my idea food gifts are the best gifts! And if you are gifting sweets...then even better!


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