Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mixtape Monday: From This Valley

from last year's fall, somewhere in the north Georgia mountains

After a 90 degree Indian summer last week, I could not be more excited for this crisp, fall weather we're experiencing now in Chicago. I just feel so energized.
To kick off the season (a little early, but I am just too eager) here is an Autumn playlist, which I will compile many of over the next 2 months. Expect folksy, warm, and brisk songs...

1. Magpie to the Morning - Neko Case (This is off her newest album, which is phenomenal. She never disappoints.)
2. From This Valley - The Civil Wars
3. A Maker of My Time - The Paper Kites
4. After Eliot - Johnny Flynn (With a similar sound to Mumford and Sons, I've always preferred Johnny over them. I just love his lyrics. Please give him a listen.)
5. Calling Cards - Neko Case (She always happens to release albums at pivotal moments in my life. I think I'll always associate this album with my first few months living in Chicago and riding the L.)
6. Second Chances - Gregory Alan Isakov
7. Fortune Teller - Calexico
8. Leopold Street - The Paper Kites
9. Hand-Made - alt-J
10. Obvious Bicycle - Vampire Weekend
11. Ghosts - Laura Marling (wouldn't be a complete fall playlist without this folksy gal)
12. Wakin On A Pretty Day - Kurt Vile
13. Have You Ever - Brandi Carlile

For more Fall-themed playlists:
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  1. love all the music, you might like Tift Merrits new album, I've been listening to it over and over!

  2. I love your playlist, Neko Case is absolutely perfect for Autumn


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