Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chicago Lately...

skyscraper msmr
moroccan downtown
That day when the lighting was spectacular downtown / Seeing MS MR killing it on stage with my roommate / Very authentic Algerian restaurant called Icosium Kafe - great tagines and crepes!
window box
Window boxes here never disappoint!
...and the public schools too - most of the ones I have seen have gorgeous mosaic murals on the facade

My parents were in town a few weeks ago which meant lots of exploring and good food. We did the architectural boat tour, saw a show at Second City, hopped around different neighborhoods, enjoyed authentic deep dish and Chicago-style hot dogs. Their first trip to see me was definitely a success and we had lots of good bonding time! They say they are coming again in February for God knows what reason -  I think they really want to experience the cold and wind and snow for themselves I guess? But it will be nice to have them here nonetheless.

Other than them coming to town, I've been busy with work and my new set of improv and comedy writing classes. I really am liking my fellow students and they seem to have a sense of camaraderie in the form of heading to a bar after class to get to know each other better. This is  exactly what I wanted my experience at Second City to be like, and it's starting to happen. I am slowly, but surely, getting a social life back. 
navy pier hot dog
pumpkin marg andersonville
Navy Pier / Finally had my first Chicago style hot dog from Portillo's / Pumpkin Margarita with a Salted Bacon Maple Syrup rim from Antique Taco - WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS! /  Brimfield in Andersonville is like walking into a Wes Anderson Christmas movie 
Asian parasol alley in Wicker Park
Ukrainian church red
Walking around Ukrainian Village, you really feel like you are in another country
Canopy of green on my walk to work
mint tea fallish Ukrainian village window boxes
Moroccan Mint Tea / changing leaves / a church in Ukrainian Village / yet another impressive window box
cultural center
Chicago Cultural Center, was a historical gem that my mom and I stumbled across, will definitely be returning


  1. Such pretty photos and colors! Chicago must be beautiful this time of year! And isn't it the best when parents come to town??

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love that city Hopefully I will be back sometime

  3. Glad to hear you are settling into Chicago and had a great visit with your parents. And a pumpkin margarita?! I have to get myself one of those!

  4. I miss Chicago sooo much! I grew up there and my family lives there but I'm currently studying in out of the country! These pictures make me miss it sooo much more :) captured it so well! xx


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