Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Pins {Pinterest}

above: {pin it / source}
below: {pin it} // Candy Apples {pin it / source}
above: {pin it / source} // below: {pin it / source}
 I am loving the fact that I live in a residential, yuppie area of Chicago with lots of young families, because it means one thing: lots of fun Halloween and fall decorations. People are really getting into it here - I am impressed! It makes me excited to see what our street will look like for Christmas...
but for now, enjoy some Halloween inspiration off my Pinterest board

What Halloween decorations/food have you made this year?
above: {pin it} // Halloween Muddy Buddy Mix {pin it / source}
below: {pin it / source}
above: Halloween Slutty Brownies {pin it / source} // {pin it / source}

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