Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Medusa Halloween Costume

medusa halloween costume
In the past few Halloweens I have been: Amy Winehouse, Dia de Los Muertos, a black and white silent film star, and Medusa. 
Junior year of college, I put together this super simple costume of a green Grecian style dress, gladiator sandals, gold jewelry, and a lot of little rubber snakes bobby pinned into my hair. Topped off the look with some metallic green eye shadow, gilded nails, and a stare that could turn men to stone.

I am starting to get to work on this years costume (I always keep it a mystery), and depending on how many nights I go out, I might have to revisit some old costumes to switch things up. 

What has been your favorite Halloween costume thus far?
medusa halloween costume medusa halloween costume

Here are some creepy indie tunes to get you in the Halloween mindset:

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