Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mixtape Monday: Winter Blues

Between the Polar Vortex sweeping back through, canceling schools and work - and taking off work due to being sick, I feel as though I am getting the authentic Chicago winter experience. It's the coldest it's been in 30 years or so. I arrived just in time ;)
My computer has kept me entertained the last week, but I have never looked more forward to warmer weather in my entire life. I'm trying not to complain, but it's just the bleak reality of it all. Mostly the snowball effect (no pun intended) of the cold weather perpetuating being sick, vice versa, all the way around into a circular snow pattern. 
Moving on...

I put together this playlist because to me, these songs understand the winter blues

1. Live in Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover) - High Highs
2. This Place is Haunted = DeVotchKa
3. Hover II - Andrew Bird
4. A Dedication - Washed Out
5. Baby's Arms - Kurt Vile
6. The Curse - Agnes Obel
7. Colorblind - Counting Crows
8. I Know Places - Lykke Li
9. Babys - Bon Iver
10. Small Bump - Ed Sheeran
11. Logan's Loop - Andrew Bird
12. The Marching Line - Vanessa Carlton
13. Silhouettes - Of Monsters and Men
14. Glory - Steven Fiore
15. The A Team - Ed Sheeran


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