Thursday, February 27, 2014

Albums I Will Always Love: Neko Case, Middle Cyclone

Neko Case
Middle Cyclone

Neko Case seems to release albums during pivotal moments in my life - her most recent was right after I made the move to Chicago and 2009's Middle Cyclone came out during a tumultuous freshman year at college. I had long been a fan of her music, but it wasn't until this album that I became somewhat obsessed. Middle Cyclone was the first step into a more aggressive sound. Per usual she has her folk-rock moments as well as her Spaghetti Western ones, but as the album cover portrays, she is a woman who provokes and promotes girl power. 
Tornados have always been symbolic for me. They often appear in my nightmares, because they are spontaneous and you never have enough time to prepare for one. I'm sure that speaks loads about who I am, so I am glad someone finally sang about the darn things. 

Mockingbird sings in the middle of the night,
All his songs are stolen so he hides,
He stole them out from whiporwills,
And screaming car alarms,
He sings them for you special,
He knows you're afraid of the dark
 - Magpie to the Morning

But I'm a man man man man man man man eater 
But still you're surprised-prised-prised when I eat ya 
 - People Got A Lot Of Nerve

Check out: "This Tornado Loves You" my most played song on the album and most vivid, "I'm An Animal" such true lyrics, and "The Pharoahs" belongs in a new-wave Western.

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  1. Oh, Neko Case, you have my heart. She definitely makes my top 5 for favorite bands/artists. Have you heard her on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me? Amazing. Here's a link if you haven't:

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


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