Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guinness Pretzel Truffles

Guinness Pretzel Truffles Guinness Pretzel Truffles
I'm giving these homemade Guinness Pretzel Truffles away to all the loves of my life - friends and family. Since my oven has proved time after time that it cannot bake anything properly (I'm suspecting it's gluten-free), I've resorted to over-the-stove treats. 
Compared to Sprinkle Bakes' truffles, I went a little overboard with the crushed pretzels, as in I was lazy and didn't have a food processor to pulverize them like she said, so mine are a but chunkier. 
I am very pleased with the way these little morsels of salty-sweet came out, and I want to say it's the first time I've ever made truffles!
Bonus - I have extra Guinness and pretzels leftover! 
Guinness Pretzel Truffles

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