Friday, March 14, 2014

Chicago Lately...

lord huron
Lord Huron at Metro in all their Southwestern, Bolo-tie-wearing greatness. I would see them again and again.  
boots icicle
The usual this winter: hidden feet and icicle daggers
My parents came in town to see me perform some improv. They stayed in my tiny apartment with me and we had the best time eating, drinking and walking on the iced-over sidewalks. Time with them always goes by too fast. 
anthro sick
Jungle-themed Anthro displays // Frankie Magazine and Real Housewives of ATL kept me entertained when I was sick for a few days. Seriously the worst I've ever been and the first time I've ever taken a sick day from work. Ever. 

It's been a long-ass winter. January seems so distant now, so many things have happened - mostly good things sprinkled with some not so good things, but retrospect is kicking in sooner than it normally does.
As I am approaching my mid-twenties (quarter life crisis!), I feel like I am balancing between being a confident, well-liked woman who can state her mind eloquently while still being a blunt, angsty girl who can often have inappropriate emotional reactions. This is the moment where I smell the jacket that I wore going out the night before, that stale beer and second hand tobacco smell, sighing "Ah, my twenties..."
This is a most interesting time in my life, and I am not complaining at all. I feel as though life lessons are fully realized earlier rather than later. I can get over issues a lot faster than I used to. And most of all, with the help of comedy, I'm way less self-conscious. It's a new maturity.
I could go on and on, but my writing skills aren't good enough to spell it all out they way I would want it. Plus, I'm still figuring it - growing up - out.
As vague and confusing as this may all seem, life is treating me well, thanks to the good people I've become friends with in Chicago, and the promise of opportunities (and warmer weather) on the horizon.
I'm learning to appreciate life's downs as if they were ups, because they all go hand in hand when you're evolving into your own. I've got a feeling this whole learning phase will last me well into my 30's. Maybe I'll never graduate...
C'est la vie.
baby me
Is it an only child thing to be obsessed with your own baby pictures? I honestly can't get enough. I wonder what that says about me....But look, I was pretty cute. 
frozen chicago
Icicles in Chicago are no joke. They're so exaggerated, they look like they're straight out of Frozen. // Right after a 50 degree, optimistic day, the weather had to go and do this. 
cta bunny tracks
mysterious notes at the train stop // snow bunny tracks

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