Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chicago Lately...

Fleur, my new favorite store in Logan Square. My dream of becoming a crazy plant lady are coming to fruition. 
pilsen banh mi
Art walk in Pilsen, an area I will definitely be exploring more of // Banh Mi from Banh Mi and Co. 
tacos spring
Antique Taco // Spring, finally! I've never noticed Spring so much until living here. Every green growing thing seems like a blessing. 
chinatown spring
Chinatown! Like most Chinatowns around the US, but small. Lots of dim sum and bubble teas to be had. // Gethsemane Nursery in Andersonville
I lied when I said you should visit Chicago in January to see it at it's worst. It's actually April, the bi-polar month that teases Spring but never actually delivers, save for a few beautiful days. However, April turned out to be a great month, despite weather, because of college friends coming to visit.
I love showing people my favorite spots of Chicago while still saving neighborhoods and restaurants to discover with them, which luckily I got to do a lot of. I called it my "staycation" because exploring unseen parts of my city truly felt like I was away. As my friends grew an admiration for Chicago, I just feel deeper in love with it.
This summer is going to be magnificent.
andersonville music box
Brimfield // Silent Film Fest at the Music Box - we also saw an Improvised Shakespeare show, which never disappoints - it's my 3rd time! Best improv I've ever seen hands down. 
pilsen pilsen
cloud gate
spring andersonville
Gethsemane // Little Sweden a.k.a Andersonville a.k.a Girl's Town
vern pilsen
Vern! We got to spend Easter together, laugh, drink beer in the afternoon, and help decide that she should move to Seattle. Major life decision. 
field museum
Sue at the Field Museum - I feel like this museum takes a few days to see in it's entirety. We also went to the Contemporary Art Museum. 
glazed glazed
Glazed and Infused - donuts were on Kelsey's to-eat list for Chicago. 
cloud gate
Kelsey drove 24 hours on Megabus to see me. I was honored. And was so so happy that she loved my city so much, even though it rained every day she was here.  We are just so in-tune with each other, it was such a relaxing, good time. 


  1. you've been to so many fun places!! i'm always too lazy to find new spots to go to, haha, so i'm totally bookmarking this and going to all these! and also- yesss to all the green that's coming out. no. more. SNOW!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. chicago looks so dreamy. it's definitely on my list of places to visit!


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