Saturday, May 24, 2014

{Deconstructed} Sushi

<Deconstructed> Sushi <Deconstructed> Sushi
I got this idea from one of the best meals I've ever had - Sushi Pizza from PM in Nashville. I've been dying to re-create it, and though it's still in the process of getting there, I liked this healthy version I created on the way. PM's version is more broiled, melty and tobiko involved. Mine is the poor man/healthy girl's version. 

{Deconstructed} Sushi
this is what you need to layer on a plate:
1.  warm cooked brown rice (I added some soy sauce to the boiling water) OR white sticky rice (for a more traditional way)
2. roasted wasabi seaweed snacks (Trader Joe's has 'em)
3. cooked salmon marinated in a Japanese sause OR smoked salmon
4. thinly sliced cucumbers
5. avocado slices
6. Sriracha mayo
7. fried onions/scallions

Pretty easy, huh? Perfect for any sushi cravings.  
I do plan on going all out and re-creating the true Sushi Pizza soon, I keep y'all posted. 
<Deconstructed> Sushi

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  1. Such a genius idea! I'm getting so tired of my dinner ideas and this sounds amazing!


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