Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Guide to Modern Chairs

I promise an apartment tour is coming soon, but for now here are little snippets of my home - the statement chairs. One King's Lane asked me to show off my favorite chairs and share their Complete Guide to Modern Chairs - a very interesting read that gave insight to my vintage and new seating.
 I have so many different eras and styles of chairs in my apartment, and I think that is only a reflection of my overall interior design style. 

mid century chair
Definitely a Mid-Century Modern chair - the legs and Mad-Men vibe totally give it away. This chair was actually left by the former tenants and just happened to my in my favorite decorating color: orange. The pillow was my addition, and the plant stand next to it - my roommate's - is also in the same Mid-Century style too. 
mid century chair ghost chair
peacock chair
My beloved $13 thrifted peacock chair score! It was bright green, but I spray painted it periwinkle to match my coffee table. The cushion adds to the throne/perch feel. Though I associate peacock chairs with Palm Springs and the 1970's, the early designs were made in the 1920's by Frank Lloyd Wright from Chicago. 
ghost chair
This Louis Ghost Chair was the chair of my dreams in college and I still love it today. Clearly modern and new, no pun intended. 


  1. You, my dear, have great taste in chairs! I particularly love peacock chair- so dreamy!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  2. Adorable, adorable spaces :) And that first chair is beautiful!


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