Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chandelier by Sia

I have been a long time fan of Sia (10 years?) but I think her new song/video "Chandelier" has to be my all time favorite. She takes the typical lets go out and drink till dawn sort of song and layers on a grim and depressing undertone of the life of a party girl. Definitely one of the most honest songs on the radio right now and ironically the soundtrack to many pre-games. 
Sia originally penned this song for Rihanna, just like "Diamonds," but I am so relived she kept it for herself. No one could have done it justice and gave it more truth than she could. 
And can we talk about the dancing in this video?!? It so perfectly fits the song's theme and makes me want to get barefoot and dance some modern. 
Sia is taking the whole "you only live once" thing to new and very realistic heights. 

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