Monday, November 3, 2014

Mixtape Monday: When the Leaves

Most the leaves have fallen in Chicago and it has already flurried, but I'm not done making Autumn mixtapes.

1. Big Love (Live) - Fleetwood Mac
2. Southern Skies - Matrimony (I wonder why I like this song...)
3. When I'm Gone - Caitlin Rose
4. Kentucky Pill - Johnny Flynn
5. In Harmony - Ásgeir (Icelandic band!)
6. Noble Aim - Sleeping at Last
7. Ocean to City (Piano Version) - High Highs
8. The Sea & The Shore - Amy Speace
9. Cathedral in the Dell - Andrew Bird
10. Rainbow - Emily West & K.S. Rhoads (I am obsessed with song right now)
11. Glowing - D.A.

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