Monday, February 23, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Standing in the Sun

These tunes have me aching for a warmer climate. 

1. Electric Arc - Lia Ices (she's got a great tropical vibe)
2. Play For Today - Belle & Sebastian
3. Only One - ESC
4. Standing in the Sun - Jessica Lea Mayfield (this will get stuck in your head)
5. Animal Fear (for fans of: Laura Marling and Lykke Li)
6. Sea Creatures - SOAK (a lonelier, beach-ier Camera Obscura)
7. This Isn't My Song - Tennis
8. Perfect Couples - Belle & Sebastian (love the bossa nova feel of this song)
9. Calling Out - Penguin Prison (five stars)
10. Holiday - That's Nice ft. Josh Moriarty
11. Thousand Eyes - Lia Ices
12. Where I'm Going - Cut Copy

listen here:

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