Sunday, March 1, 2015

unapologetically feminine

I grew up watching I Love Lucy. My parents would tell time to me in Lucy episodes. "How much longer till we get there," I would ask on road trips, "3 more Lucy episodes."
She was my first comedic hero and my mom and I shared a love for all things Lucy. 
She was classy and feminine, and yet a complete goofball with little vanity.

Being girly/feminine doesn't have to equal lame, basic, or anti-feminist. But there's this pressure in the comedy world that it is. 
This is a pretty interesting article that sums up how I feel about this trend of masculinizing female-driven comedies to make them more "accessible" (let me be clear that I am a huge fan of Broad City, Girls, Amy Schumer).


Rant over. Girls rule. Wear pink if you want to. No apologies. 

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