Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Workspace {WeWork}

desk desk desk desk
When I came across WeWork, a coworking company, I was inspired to share my own work space!

My little desk (from World Market) is where all the blogging magic happens. I super wish my desk faced a window, but since the only window in my room has bars and faces a wall, I guess an inspiration board suits my needs better. I currently use a ghost chair for sitting at my desk, but if I worked from home, I'd probably get something a little more practical. 

Here's what I like to have in my work environment:
 - magic markers for my list-making obsession 
- this candle burning
- iced coconut latte from my favorite espresso and empanada bar
- Precise Pilot pens
- MUSIC, which is why I invested in speakers
- scrap paper, I'm still using old papers from college
 - pictures of friends, family, women I admire

 Super cool - WeWork will be opening soon in Chicago

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