Wednesday, April 8, 2015

on comparing yourself to others

I include myself in the large group of 20 something year old women who constantly compare themselves to other women. But in the last year or so I had an epiphany and that urge to be jealous, even envious, of others has decreased significantly. 

First of all I stopped comparing where I was at success wise, skill wise, relationship wise (or lack there of), because no one's life experiences are linear to someone elses. So what if someone has their peak now? Be happy for them. Wouldn't you want them to be genuinely happy for you?
But, personally, I'd rather peak later.

Plus, we all know that "having it all" idea is a bunch of hooey. There's always something below the surface but we so often only see the heavily filtered versions of "perfect" lives. 

After reading the books of my main women, Amy and Tina, the notion to stop the comparing truly sunk in. I like to think of them as Goddesses in the sky who are always watching and would never want you to be jealous of other women, because that sort of gets in the way of helping and working side-by-side with other women. 

Don't disappoint the Goddesses.

And lastly because of the quote above. 

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