Sunday, June 21, 2015

drive to Highlands, Iceland: Day 4

The colors are UNREAL
I love how the white mountain almost fades into the sky. 
aqua aqua aqua aqua
river YEAAAA
Iceland wind > Chicago wind
vern river
Day 4 in Iceland we wake up to no breakfast situation. We go to a little B&B down the road for a delicious, traditional Icelandic breakfast - the kind lady even made us waffles. In this tiny-ass town there were still so many Americans.
Our drive to the highlands was a gorgeous one - without stops it's probably 4 hours. Since we knew we couldn't drive on the F roads, we took our time getting there, taking pictures of the golden, snow capped mountains and aqua fresh water along the way.
We climbed this huge cliff and at the top have never experienced wind like that. Coming from Chicago, I thought I knew all about wind. But Iceland's wind is something else. It could knock you down, which is probably why there aren't any trees (could you tell?).
The closer we get to our hotel, Hrauneyjar Guesthouse, the snowier and icier it gets till we are basically in the tundra - the edge of civilization, where the roads can no longer be passed. The snow was taller than the hotel's windows (kind of like my winters in Chicago). There was a couple with a cute little toddler staying there too and we ended up bumping into them throughout the trip. After deciding how to reroute for the day, we split a ham cheese & pineapple sandwich and fries.
We drive down to Hella, a town featured in a few of our books, get some gas and snacks. There wasn't a whole lot to see there but some farms with horses, which never got old.
For dinner we eat at Arhus and get a settler's cheese pizza which is basically a 4 cheese pizza (all made with Icelandic dairy) served with jam. Ugh. SO GOOD.
The great thing about the sun never setting is that our 2 hour drive back to the hotel was fairly lit, even though it was after 10pm.
We got out periodically and photographed horses with the sun setting behind them.
white bluess
WIDE ice blue
Iceland being stereotypical.
ice blue ice blue vern ice blue vern snow ice blue rocks aqua YEAH
mapsss mapsss
 a map the size of our car
sunset horses sunset horses sunset horses sunset horses

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  1. How beautiful!

    Your pictures make it seem like you were the only ones there.


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