Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vatnajökull & Hjörleifshöfði, Iceland: Day 8

The largest glacier in Iceland! 
Vatnajökull Vatnajökull Vatnajökull Vatnajökull
Day 8 began with what I like to call an Easter morning breakfast (breakfast consisting of purely chocolates and candy). That's all we had in the car. Life on the road in Iceland gets rough, what can I say. 
On a sugar high, we walked ON a glacier - Vatnajökull. We took the self-guided geological tour that warned us of quicksand (it does exist) and collapsing ice caves. 
For lunch,we ate the same lamb burger from the night before at the gas station (it was just too good) and made our way towards Vik. 
We saw this cliff from the road that just sort of jutted out of the black sandy shore. It looked out of place, but then again Iceland is basically another planet. Upon further investigation we discovered it was a legit hiking trail with informational boards and all.  Read all about the very interesting and mysterious history of Hjörleifshöfði here. What you do need to know is that it's where one of the first settler's of Iceland is buried and that its HAUNTED. Yes, it's a haunted mountain where supernatural things are supposed to happen. If you know me and my childhood interests, you would know that this is right up my alley. 
Unfortunately, nothing spooky happened, but it was the STEEPEST hike of my life. I had to stop every few minutes just to catch my breath. At the top was sooo windy and I was winded. But the spectacular view was well worth it. 
It started to sprinkle on our way down. 
Finally made it to Guesthouse Renyir in Vik, our stay for the night. 
We tried to go to the beach and take some pictures but there was 50 mph winds and rain so we went to dinner instead at Halldorskaffi (one of two restaurants open in town). We got our favorite Settler's pizza (four cheese pizza with jam) and enjoyed it over some drinks. 
view from the top of Hjörleifshöfði 
Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði
Vern in a cave! 
Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði
tomb of viking settler
Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði Hjörleifshöfði

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