Monday, November 30, 2015

Mixtape Monday: you look like a movie

Adele is giving me EVERYTHING I ever wanted right now. 
Have you seen her dress up like herself? Or her SNL sketch?

Thanks Adele for keeping it real and wishing I had a tumultuous past relationship just so I can relate to your songs.

and now, a playlist inspired by 25

1. When We Were Young - Adele (my current favorite off the album)
2. Hiding Out - Sucre
3. Keep It Safe - Wild Ones
4. Let It Die - Feist
5. Lover Of Mine - Beach House
6. Turn Away - Beck
7. Working On A Dream - Wintercoats
8. All I Have - Violents
9. Whole Made of Pieces - Jonsi
10. At Once - Beirut
11. Hello - Adele
12. I Can't Make You Love Me - Bon Iver

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Michigan for a Day

t picking apples
Last month my Kelsey, Tanya, Michael and I got in a car and drove to Michigan for the day. Just to pick some apples. You know, how you do. 
After seeing ads all over the el for "Pure Michigan," I have been wanting to go (plus Sufjan Stevens wrote an entire album about the state). It did not disappoint and was the perfect day get-away. 
We went to a couple of towns, mainly Three Oaks. They were all so quaint and festive for fall ($$$ too). 
We collected a lot of apples and somehow got free bread along the way (?).  
Will definitely be going back, because we never went to a brewery, but also because I bet it's wonderful in the spring. 
pumpkins gourds
corn m
when in the mid-west, corn is a MUST
stand corn girls k bite
We tried all sorts of apples I've never heard of before. All juicy and crisp. 
On the way back we stopped by New Buffalo Beach - "world class beaches" they say, which means I'll just have to visit again in the summer. 
gulls beach lighthouse
Thanks for a fun day PURE Michigan!
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