Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Lately...{Chicago, Vegas, & beyond}

NY NY, Las Vegas

Good Lord it's been a busy fall! I feel like every week I've been packing or unpacking, but I'm not complaining. 

Here's what my life has been like lately...

going to lots of concerts - Beirut, Brandon Flowers and BRITNEY... being a bridesmaid in my best friend from high school's wedding, and making the wedding cake ... sipping on tiki drinks from Lost Lake ... taking a FREE trip to Las Vegas with my friend (well, we still have to pay taxes) ... eating In-N-Out ... going to Milwaukee for Thanksgiving with my boo ... graduating from the Second City Conservatory and having my family up here to see my show ...  co-hosting a Halloween party and dressing up like the Queen of Hearts (Michael was the Mad Hatter) ... attending parties, LOTS of parties ... listening to Adele non-stop and pretending like I'm her in a music video when I'm walking down the street ... trying to do my makeup like Adele ... growing my nails out like Adele ... being broke as hell ... decorating early for Christmas ... being bad about blogging regularly (gotta get better about that)

"animal style" at In-N-Out
flamingo britney
beirut paris
venetian eiffel
Vegas felt like a big Disneyworld for adults - fake facades, overpriced drinks, but it was a lot cleaner than I expected it to be. 
Chicago at dusk
brandon riv
lost lake banana
How cute is that banana dolphin from Lost Lake tiki bar!?! (in Logan Square, Chicago)
innout las
booth sign
My pictures never have an order, I just arrange them by color, size and aesthetics.
honey comb in Lincoln Park
pumpkin t
 a Pollock pumpkin
blue angels
Blue Angels over Chicago
cake m mo BTCHS
Monica's wedding!!!!! I had't make a cake in years, but it was like riding a bike. 


  1. What a beautiful wedding cake!

  2. Chicago is really a wonderful place to visit with friends. We can party there whole night at beautiful places. Thanks for sharing such beautiful cake picture here dear. You know I also went to event space Chicago last month, and I enjoyed a lot there.


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