Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Leaning into 2015

I was in a strange place last winter, where it seemed like so many things were not as they appeared, and I felt foolish. When I feel foolish I feel immature, dumb, and like I have no control over anything. So, as cheesy as it sounds, I made a vision board. My friend Lauren had a tradition of crafting them with her roommate on the New Year. Since I wasn't in town, I made a secret board on Pinterest instead. So CHEESY, like inspirational quotes, pictures of my heroines, pictures of a life I want for myself. It's not that making a board has magical powers that will make these things come to fruition in real life, but for me it kept me focused. Kept my eye on the ball.

If I learned anything this year, it was about leaning into life. When WOW air offers you cheap tickets to Iceland, you save all your tip money and GO. When you're tired of being single your whole life, you join Tinder and say yes to a first date. When you're unhappy or uncomfortable, you speak up and get yourself out of that situation. When you're in an improv scene, you jump in that world and say YES!

Yes, this year I learned to lean in but also to hustle. Because in the Pinterest world of cheesy, yet inspirational quotes.... "Dreams demand HUSTLE"

In 2015, I did me. Which is a luxury in and of itself.
(Please note, I still have to eat ramen and bring tubberware to baby showers)

Excited to see what this year brings, hopefully more of the same and then some.

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