Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mixtape Mondays: Inspired by the 80's, Part Cinq

Been listening to the new M83 album a lot lately - which is one big homage to the 80's and it's sitcoms. It's goofy, cheesy at parts, but a really fun record all around. 

1. Bibi the Dog (feat. Mai Lan) - M83
2. The Winds of Change - St. Lucia
3. Almost Makes Me Wish for Rain - Lucius
4. Always - The Burning Hotels
5. Rendezvous Girl - Santigold
6. I Will Wait - Karl King
7. Diggin' Up The Heart - Brandon Flowers
8. Bad Kids - Lady Gaga
9. All You Had to Do Was Stay - Ryan Adams
10. Let's Dance - Lucius
11. Rescue Me - St. Lucia
12. For the Kids (feat. Susanne Sundfør) - M83

Part Un | Deux | Trois | Quatre

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