Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Studio Apartment Tour

I've been at my new studio for almost a year now and the final touches were made just a couple weeks ago. I've always dreamt of having a place all to myself and it has been worth every penny. Most things from my old apartment were moved over and re-arranged - with some new additions...
living room
The old couch I inherited from the previous tenants at my old place COULD NOT FIT OUT ANY OF THE DOORS OR WINDOWS. So we asked the new tenants if they wanted it and they accepted. 
So, I got a new couch - smaller, cleaner - from World Market. 
Added these floating shelves from Ikea above my desk (desk and rug used to be in old bedroom)
My plants have legit light now! They are so much healthier. This cool geode table is another find from World Market. 
coffee table gallery wall
I like having 3D elements in my gallery wall. The big photo is one I took in Morocco - really ties all my colors together. 
shelves chair bar cart
Love having a tree in my apartment. And that pillow is from Anthro. 
Since my bedroom is technically the dining room, I didn't want too many crazy colors. I got all white bedding and a Moroccan wedding blanket for some extra protection (it is right next to the kitchen after all). I had been looking for ideas for the wall against my bed for months and finally found the perfect wall hanging in Devon. Devon is the Indian neighborhood of Chicago and this wall hanging is made out of vintage sari pieces. Truly beautiful and one of a kind. 
Toned down my kitchen colors since it my apartment is all open. Less red! We re-covered the table with neutral oil-cloth and got white chairs (IKEA!). 
Yes, went for a more blue/green calming vibe for my "bedroom" area. 
Rainbow-fied my bookshelf. It was so much fun to arrange. 
kitchen spices
My tiny tiny kitchen is as big as my walk-in closet. I found a butcher board at Ikea that was the same size as my stove top and put it on when I'm not using it of course. Bonus counter space.

See my old garden apartment here, here, and here

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