Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dream(y) Living Room {Laurel & Wolf}

I often think about if I had an additional living space, how I would decorate it. My never-ceasing obsession with LA design bloggers makes me want all white interiors with pops of soft pink and gold. Not an ideal color palette for Chicago winters, but if I ever moved out West, this is how I would want my home to look. 
I teamed up with Laurel & Wolf, an online interior design service, to conjure up my dream(y) living room. 
 I'm in love with Bri Emery's big fluffy white couch. Ideal for entertaining and cosy movie nights. 
Just looking at it makes me wanna take a nap. 
Accents of rose, gold, and an animal rug warm up the space (this is actually an office!) // Also Bri Emery's mantel - check out her DIY on how to make the garland
White fur throws and logs for a fire spice things up at this dreamy home.  
I like the incorporation of graphic black lines in both of these living rooms. The guitars add a nice touch. 
To top off my dream space I would want custom-made built in shelves filled with books of colorful spines, like in Victoria Smith's home (see below). 

Pretty sweet, eh?

Be sure to check out Laurel & Wolf's Pinterest, Instagram, and blog for more INSPIRATION! 

What would your dream living room look like?

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