Friday, March 31, 2017


Actress Sarah Ramos found this RomCom she wrote in 2003 when she was 12, and then made it into a real thing. I think it properly sums up every pre-teen's obsession with BiG CiTy living at the time (think: 13 Going on 30, Mary Kate and Ashley videos, etc, etc) - being a successful working woman who is unlucky in love. The fashion and home decor in this are straight out of a Limited Too catalogue. Calling nostalgia!
This is seriously entertaining though, and features a lot of Millennial Pink.
Now! Off to find the notebook I kept of movie/story ideas when I was a pre-teen...

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  1. yeah, this episode was fantastic. Some of the best scenes i have seen in this episode. This is how she reacted according to the circumstances. Very good work!


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