Friday, May 5, 2017

Chicago Lately...

Here's what my last couple of months have looked like:
A cool shot of the city at the Signature Room on the 95th (John Hancock building). I truly love this city with all my heart. 
Chicago Chicago
My dear friend from college came to visit last month after years of planning. We went to the Art Institute, the classic architecture boat tour, ate a couple burgers, and laughed a lot, amongst other many "Chicago" things. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years and we synced back up together like no time had passed. Next up - visiting her and other college gals in Houston! 
Neon shop
Chicago Chicago
My parents were in town for St. Patty's (but also just to visit and see a Housewives show). We went to the Chicago Flower Festival and got all Irish-y on the 17th. 
Chicago Chicago
It's all unicorns and rainbows at the bakery! 
Hosted my first official party at my apartment - and Oscar Party! It was a success and I found out I can actually fit 9 people "comfortably" in my studio! 
Chicago Chicago
Yeah, def their kid. 
Chicago Chicago
Bean with Claire! and Spring! 
Spring confetti // the Art Institute 
Michael and I are finally debuting our sketch show - GALAXY GOO! (I made the poster). We have been working on this show intermittently pretty much since we met 2 years ago. And now, all the stardust and songs and characters and impressions have fallen into place to bring you GALAXY GOO, a duo, a GOO-o. It opens tomorrow! 
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago
Last weekend was Michael's 30th Golden Birthday, so I threw him a Karaoke party (private room at Lincoln Karaoke). A glittery gold cake, Star Wars polaroid film, and all yellow/gold party favor bags were in order. It was a lot of fun! 

Also here's a new #MelaniaTrumpsHate:
"It's my 100th day as First Woman. I want to share with you some activities my son and I did to celebrate!"

What else have I been doing/watching/listening to:
 - Did a solo showcase at iO (my characters/impressions), it went v v well - better than I could have hoped
 - Witnessed my coziest friend get engaged - the dog was wearing a tux!!!
- Obsessed over the new Feist and Tennis albums
- Binged Big Little Lies, The People vs. OJ, new season of Love
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