Monday, July 31, 2017

Mixtape Monday: POPsicles

Some SUMMERy POP(sicles):

1. Homemade Dynamite - Lorde (her new album is hot hot hot!)
2. The Beautiful Game (feat. St. Lucia) - RAC
3. Role Model - Phoenix
4. Cocoon - The Mynabirds (conscious pop)
5. Heaven - liv
6. It’s a Shame (feat. Pink Feathers) - RAC (for fans of: Gwen Stefani and old Katy Perry)
7. Please Don't Ruin This for Me - Tennis
8. Ciggy Buzz - Jane's Party
9. Little of Your Love - HAIM
10. Hard to Say Goodbye - Washed Out (disco!)
11. Fior di Latte - Phoenix
12. Summer Days - Ryhe (they're back!)
13. You Never Knew - HAIM
14. Ashes in the Rain - The Mynabirds 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sally West

Mesmerized by these intricate oil paintings of beach scenes by Australian artist Sally West.
After all, we're all just little dots. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

#MelaniaTrumpsHate: My Move to the White House // Why My Husband is Obsessed with Women's Blood

 2 MORE #MelaniaTrumpsHate ... 
"My review of my first week at the White House, not very impressed! And I'm hot!"
"My husband won't stop talking about women's blood! But I love blood too!"

Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Pins {Pinterest}

This post is powered by Bitch Sesh (a hilarious Real Housewives podcast featuring Casey Wilson and other comedians):
above: THE summer palette {source / pin it}
below: Rosé all day {source / pin it} // these colors! {source / pin it}
above: La Muralla Roja {source / pin it} // Frozen Yogurt Bark {source / pin it}
below: Adult Capri Suns {source / pin it}
above: little oasis {source / pin it} // Strawberry-Sour Cream Ice Cream {source / pin it}
below: {pin it}
above: pretty smoothies {source / pin it} // ROSÉ PUNCH {source / pin it}
below: for an Italian honeymoon {source / pin it}
above: how I want to dress {source / pin it} // Summer Corn & Heirloom Salad w/ Spicy Breadcrumbs, Goat Cheese & Salsa Verde {source / pin it}

What podcasts are powering your life?
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